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 Double Eagle
M926G UTR 556

This Double Eagle Ultra Tactical Rifle (UTR) series from Taiwangun it’s all about weight. From the decision such as manufacturing it in reinforced nylon instead of the classic metal alloys, to further reduce the weight of these replicas, which barely weigh 2 kg. Even opting for solutions such as the MLOK to be able to carry accessories without having to carry the extra weight of Picatinny rails. Because why would we want to play with more weight than what is really necessary? Travel light, shoot better.


It is true that, although the design of this model is "free", it has elements from different real brands such as the M-LOK (Modular Lock) system developed by Magpul Industries that is "open source", which has made it so popular. Or the AX // 15 handguard and AE // 01 muzzle that are licensed by Aeroknox Firearms.

AX // 15 Handguard

This design is specifically intended for shooters whose thumb grip surpasses the top rail. Thus, the Picatinny rail is cut and this part of the piece sinks so that we do not block the vision of our sights with our finger, offering us a panel with a non-slip dotted texture to improve the grip with the remaining fingers.

Ambidextrous Controls

The replica is left-handed friendly since it does not matter which hand we use, we will always have the controls to release the magazine, the boltcatch (which, by the way, is functional) or the loading lever within reach to leave the hop-up open through the ejection port. Although in this case it is necessary to clarify that the lever release is only on the left side, so that it is ambidextrous except for that factor.


Although the model does not have a ring holder, the design of the stock includes two QD hooks on both sides, plus a buckle through which we can pass the strap. It can be adjusted in six different positions, and from the two horizontal lines we assume that a cheek rest can be attached to it, while it is not included. Finally, we like that the recoil paid is made of rubber, since in addition to being more comfortable for shouldering, it also makes the replica hold up better in such position.

Internal Parts

This replica has a version 2 gearbox, typical of the M4, with four bushings and two 8 mm bearings with steel balls for the third axis. The gears have been made of steel, although they lack markings. This gearbox comes with a quick spring change so we will not have to open it to access the steel spring guide with bearings to achieve better spring torsion, especially when shooting in full auto, although we do not find bearings inside the piston head to support torque from the other end. 

The piston, like the piston head, is made of polymer with 3 metal teeth so that it does not wear out as quickly. The cylinder is made of steel and is ventilated to be able to adjust the amount of air that is compressed in each shot. The cylinder head is made of polymer, which helps to soften the knock that occurs with each shot with the piston head, which we will also say that it achieves a great seal. The nozzle is also made of polymer, and is inserted into a hop-up chamber also made of polymer, with a thread design similar to that of Umarex. 

The barrel that comes as standard is made of brass, measures 300 mm and has an internal diameter of 6.08 mm, with an “air cushion” type design according to the manufacturer, which allows it to stabilize the Bbs and increase their rotation in the barrel, improving thus the range and accuracy of the replica. It also includes the Falcon electronic control system that allows us to program the fire mode (double shot, semi, bursts of 1-5 bbs, or full auto), adjust the sensitivity of the trigger in three levels, and protect the motor and battery against possible contingencies. When testing it with 0.20 g BBs, it has given us an average of 340 FPS and an ROF (rate of fire) of 930 BBs per minute.


The Double Eagle’s Ultra Tactical Rifle series seems to be  a single-minded one and solely focused on delivering the most efficient player experience possible. To do this, they have developed a model that reduces weight to a minimum, with a design that fits the shooter like a glove, and with internal parts that is on a par with reputable manufacturers. Do you think we are exaggerating? You only have one way to find out, grab one and try it yourself.