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Bored of the old guns?

Thanks to the collaboration between APS and EMG, airsofters can enjoy new models of replica firearms, with the licenses of the prestigious brands that manufacture them for the military or law enforcement units. And so we introduce the BSF-19, created by F1 Firearms and based on a well-known Austrian platform, prepared to offer the best performance and taking advantage of all the accumulated experience of APS.


This American firearms manufacturer is based in Texas and has become over time a benchmark in sporting rifles thanks to its intelligent use of premium materials in combination with its avant-garde cutting process, which makes its models lighter, stronger and more precise in competition. And why not say it, they also stand out due to their design from other brands and do not go unnoticed.

F-1 BSF-19

The F-1 BSF-19 is a mid-size pistol based on a well-known platform used by both law enforcement and military units and even civilians (and airsofters too). In this case F1 Firearms brings its unique touch, which can be seen in its UDP-9 series skeleton pistols, to create a future-proof design and keeping in mind what its users like.



It is worth noting the skeletal design in this slide to lighten the weight in the front part, which helps us to better balance the shouldering and reduce the recoil, which helps control the pistol between shots and improves our precision.

RMR Compatible

At the rear of the slide there is a platform with two screws that we can remove to install an RMR that will replace the aiming system since the sights will be covered by it. There is an aggressive texture on the sides that helps us improve the grip when cocking as we must never pull the RMR to mount the pistol. In reference to the RMR, we have used a Trijicon style whose distance between central screws is 180 mm.


The frame is also made of aluminium, something that they take advantage of in the real model to customize them with “interesting" anodized camouflages (titanium shadow, forest shadow and blue shadow...). The replica’s colour is black but with shocking completely smooth sides, using a non-slip texture (effective but not abrasive if you're not wearing gloves) on the front and back, the areas where the hand makes the most contact in a professional grip. 

Trigger guard and Trigger

The trigger guard is resized to improve access to the trigger even when wearing gloves, and the recess in the lower part that coincides with the finger of the support hand is perfect for a much more intuitive and effective positioning. The trigger is double action, which means that without pulling the small trigger inside the trigger itself the gun will not fire, thus preventing accidental firing.


The 22-BB capacity magazine uses APS' signature CO2 system with the cylinder upside down and double wheel to ensure gap sealing. You need to follow the instructions if it is the first time you use it, but after that it is as simple as the standard and the manufacturer claims that it is more effective. The magazine ends in an extended base, something purely aesthetic but that you will appreciate if you have a large hand, since otherwise the grip can feel short. 

Bottom Line

Although F1 Firearms had been advertising it a year before the 2022 ShotShow, we can say that this great international arms fair held in Las Vegas (USA) was its official presentation. Since then, this full-metal and much more modern “version” of a Glock 19 has divided the general public; those who find it too much and those who have fallen in love with it. Just six months later (with licenses obtained by EMG) APS launches its replica for airsoft and the debate will be replicated, do you like it or is it not for you?

What is clear is that everyone who tries it will appreciate why APS is one of the great pistol manufacturers out there.