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Emersongear TIER1 Operator

The AOR2 or Navy Working Uniform Type III is a uniform developed for the US Navy which has gained tremendous popularity thanks to its use by special units such as the SEALs or the DEVGRU. The gear in this article is not so much about recreating either of these two elite units as it is about showing a combination of equipment with which to dazzle in the fields, because airsoft is our passion and we love showing off.

EmersonGear EXF BUMP Helmet/Protective (EM8981)

This version with holes replicates the Team Wendy EXFIL® CARBON helmet that they in helicopters, since it offers them protection just against blows, not bullets. This model enables greater ventilation and evacuation of heat in airsoft, which will not only make us sweat less but our glasses will fog-up less too.

It carries an EXFIL® Carbon & LTP Rail 2.0 type rails system to which we have added the headset with an attachment for this system and a small flashlight. Although Jason wears it with the Velcro in the episode, it seems safer to wear it there so as to not to lose it.

Emersongear L4G24 NVG Mount (EM7883)

On the front of the helmet we have attached a replica of the L4G24 mount for night vision. Even if its coupling is very easy, it is more comfortable to wear it and simply mount the NVG when you need it. And if you want you can take advantage of the rubber with a helmet hook to secure it and make sure that you do not lose it while playing. Something you must do when you mount the NVG, which is no easy task.

We like this system because it allows us to lift the lens when we do not use it, and regulate the distance to the face to adjust it for use with glasses (in a game) or without glasses (if you like night trekking, where you also have to practice moving around with an NVG).  

Big Dragon Tactical Breather Mask (BD6656)

Big Dragon is a sister brand of EmersonGear, both belong to YZH Skirmish, and offer this breathing mask with which we complete the kit. It is important to emphasize that this mask is not suitable for sanitary purposes and although it prevents the BBs from directly hitting against the skin, it is not designed to protect us either. It is a mask with a purely aesthetic function which also provides a very tactical look.

Emersongear Assault Shirt (EM9316)

The top of this uniform is similar in design to the Arc'teryx LEAF Assault Shirt AR Men's. These garments are designed to be worn under a plate carrier, and so they offer a combination of resistant camouflage fabric on the arms and upper torso, with cotton for the chest and back, allowing greater ventilation and heat evacuation, caused by the vest on direct action missions. In addition, this design includes "mesh" type fabric in the armpits for greater comfort.

It is reinforced on the elbows, where it has spaces to insert the foam elbow pads (although we can additionally get the replica of the rigid elbow pads with the Arc'teryx design). Unlike Crye Precision’s well-known combat top, the sleeve pockets are zippered and side-accessible, making it much easier to access their contents when the garment is worn. On the outside we will have an essential Velcro strap for our beloved patches and a double buttonhole to carry a pen or hold, for example, a V-lite that we carry attached to the Velcro to distinguish team members (FFI). 

Emersongear Assault Pants (EM9315)

The design of these pants replicates the first generation Arc'teryx LEAF Assault Pant AR Men's. They are reinforced on the knees and crotch, the areas that suffer the most wear and tear in these garments, although in the case of knee pads we can also use them with rigid knee replica knee pads of the Canadian brand (sold separately) or foam ones, which protect less but are more comfortable if we have to walk a for a long time. 

They are adjusted by Velcro straps both at the waist and at the knees and ankles for a better fitting. In addition, the inside of the waistband is velvety to avoid chafing generated by wearing the first line securely fastened in an area that perspires and tends to move a great deal. Thanks to its 8-pocket design, we can carry a lot of material in them without having to resort to the equipment carrier.

Emersongear FCS Style VEST W/MK Chest Rig SET (EM7407) 

This FCS plate carrier carries "platebags" as standard, but we liked that instead of carrying plastic dummy plates imitating the SAPI Plate Set these are made of foam, which are much more comfortable, being softer and slightly lighter.

In order to understand the FCS configuration, we are going to divide it into its three main elements and explain each one of them. The main element of this EmersonGear plate carrier is its complete MK3 chest rig except for the structure of the straps that would be used to carry it as such.

The set up that they suggest would include::

1. The main box of the MK3 chest rig which is divided into two pockets, one main and one secondary.

2. Three sets of inserts: for three AK, three AR15 and two DMR magazines.

3. An individual cover to be able to create an admin pocket in the secondary pocket.

4. A dangler type pouch.

The front plate (F) consists of a female Velcro panel in which we can glue both the ends of the cummerbund and the clippable panels thanks to the female clips that we have on the upper part of the plate. 

Among these clips there is a laser cut female Velcro panel to be able to put patches or pouches. On the back plate (B) there is a Velcro panel on the upper part with laser cut molle and a Velcro panel on the lower part to be able to attach the cummerbund.

The cummerbunds that close the plate carrier are two elastic bands which are connect at the front and back end. This makes the closure more comfortable as it reduces the width of the band, which thanks to its elastic nature will give you fewer problems when trying to fit the clothes you carry under the plate carriers.

EmersonGear Tactical Medical Scissors (EM7916)

Medical scissors have become a paramedical tool that many operators already carry with them to facilitate the work of medics, being able to cut any textile element (uniforms, belts, etc.) with them in order to access the wound and be able to treat it. This is why professional scissors have a very sharp edge, with a rounded tip and even have a stopper to avoid accidentally sticking them into the patient. In airsoft it will be extremely rare that we get to use them for medical purposes or for the recreation of a health intervention, however, it is not hard for us to recognize that they add a touch of realism to the kit, even if they feel just like a small accessory.

EmersonGear COBRA 1.75 inch One-pcs Combat Belt (EM9455)

This first line is made up of two belts, a black one that goes through the buckles of the pants and whose outer part is female Velcro, and an outer one that will be completely secured in the position in which we place it thanks to the male Velcro on its inner face. This second belt has an original COBRA closure, so with just two fingers we can open it and get rid of it with a single pull if necessary. On the outer face of this belt we have a double cordura strip to which we can sew the pouches with which we want to configure it. The only downside is that the length of the external belt can only be adjusted on one side, which prevents us from wearing it centered if we open or close it too much.

EmersonGear RightHand 579 Gls Pro-Fit Holster (EM6284)  

This holster recreates the 579 GLS Model, which locks the gun's safety as soon as you holster it. And it protects the holster's control on the inside which we can comfortably activate with the middle finger as soon as we hold it. It is made of nylon fibre which makes it highly resistant, although it is lined inside with a fabric that will prevent the paint from scratching. Thanks to its retention system we can use it with over 100 different guns.

Emersongear LCS Pistol Magazine Pouch (EM6380) and Rifle Magazine Pouch For 5.56/7.62mm (EM6381)

This LCS series of magazines have a passive retention system, which translates into a rigid, yet flexible material inside that keeps the magazine in place inside the pouch, preventing it from accidentally coming out, without the need for flaps or rubber bands that slow down the operator when removing the mag. Externally, they have laser cut molle which will allow us to sew them to a gear carrier or between them (and thus carry two rifle pouches or one rifle and one pistol) maximizing our possibilities.

Worrying about how you are going to play is a mixture of many factors: comfort, in the end you are doing a physical activity and your performance depends largely on how prepared you are; effectiveness, in order to achieve the objectives you have to have a team that allows you to make a difference; And without forgetting aesthetics either, “role play” is very important in the games and being characterized according to the demands of the script helps the immersion in the game to be total.